Questions people ask


What’s Ridejoy?

Ridejoy is a community-driven marketplace for sharing rides. We’re making it easy to share rides with friendly people. If you’re going on a trip, you can list extra seat space in your car, and if you need to get somewhere, you can find a ride, using our site.

What’s rideshare?

Ridesharing is a fun and easy way to travel with interesting people while saving money. Drivers can find great company to share stories, jam out to music, or ride in silence with, and Passengers can get a comfortable door-to-door ride to wherever they need to go!

Who made this site?

This site was loving crafted by a group of three friends: Kalvin, Randy and Jason. We’re passionate about the power of social transportation and bringing the world a bit closer together. Learn more about us.

Does this really work?

Yes! Every day there are people finding rides on Ridejoy and discovering a more fun way to travel. But don’t take our word for it, read stories from our users.

Ride Basics

I’m driving to somewhere and have space for a passenger or two. How can Ridejoy help me?
  • (Recommended) You can offer a ride on Ridejoy and we’ll notify you when someone contacts you or when we find a matching passenger. Post a ride offer.
  • Alternatively, you can also check out all our rides and message passengers directly.Search for passengers.
I need a ride! Can you help?
  • (Recommended) You can request a ride on Ridejoy and we’ll notify you when someone contacts your or when we find a matching driver. Post a ride request.
  • Or if you can’t wait, you can check out all our rides and message drivers directly.Search for drivers.
  • If you don’t see a ride that fits your needs, come back in a day or two. We’re working nonstop to get hundreds of drivers and passengers on the site every day.
I just posted my ride request/ride offer on Ridejoy. Now what?

Now you just sit back and wait for the emails to roll in. We automatically email you whenever a driver/passenger on the site contacts you, as well as sending emails whenever there’s a ride match. Or you could just obsessively check the site every two minutes, but we’d like to think you have other stuff to do. Not important stuff or anything, just … stuff.

I haven’t received any responses for my ride post and I’m a sad, sad panda. What should I do?

We’re sorry you haven’t received any responses yet! As a community-driven marketplace, we can’t promise you’ll always get a ride. However, the Ridejoy team is always working hard to grow our community of friendly ridesharers. Some tips for future reference:

  • Our team of Ridejoy expertists (expert + scientist) found that posting your ride at least a few days before your trip greatly increases your chances of finding one (or a few!)
  • Our expertists also found that the friendlier (and more awesome) your ride post, the more chances you have of finding rides. You can find tips on awesome-izing your ride post here.
How can I make my ride posts better?

Glad you asked! You’re more likely to find a ride match if you: think ahead, share something personal, set clear expectations and include relevant details. For more info, check out our guide on awesome posting tips here.

Is ridesharing safe?

We care deeply about your safety and have worked hard to build a safe community at Ridejoy. To ensure a great trip, it’s important to make educated decisions about who you ride with. Please read more in our safety page.

Are these rides free?

Most rides on Ridejoy involve the driver and passenger sharing the costs of the ride – gas, maintenance, etc. Usually the driver will set the terms of the rideshare but everyone should feel comfortable negotiating the terms.

As a driver, how do I get paid?

The passenger pays you in cash during the ride.

As a passenger, how do I pay the driver?

You can pay the driver during the ride. Some passengers prefer to pay half up front and the other half at the end of the trip, but it’s up to you and the driver to figure that out.

Does the passenger need to drive?

We recommend that the Driver offering the ride does all the driving but sometimes Passengers are asked and agree to help out.

I’m a driver posting a ride offer. How should I calculate how much to charge passengers for my ride?

First off, thanks for offering a ride on our site! You’re the best. After entering in your origin and destination into your ride offer, you should see a suggested price pop up on the right hand side, based on average trip costs and what other passengers have paid in the past for the same trip. You can feel free to set your price higher or lower than our suggested price, but just keep in mind that we cap the price at the IRS reimbursement rate of $0.50/mile.

I’m looking for a commute partner for my daily drive to work and back. Does this site apply to commutes?

Our focus is currently on long-distance road trips (i.e. 50+ miles/1+ hours), so we’re not really optimized for commutes right now. That being said, there are Ridejoy users who have found commute buddies through our site, so why not go ahead and post? You never know if you may just find your next commute/bingo partner!

I myself don’t need a ride, but my dog/cat/dancing circus bear, Alan, does. Do you think someone could pick up my pet and transport them?

Yes, yes and yes. (Just as long as the bear performs something other than “Single Ladies,” please, for the love of God.) Since we’re guessing your pet is not as adept with computers as you are, you can go ahead and post a ride request for them. The more detailed, the better, please! This also applies to inanimate objects, i.e. moving boxes, furniture and shrunken heads. But don’t take it from us! Just listen to this testimonial from satisfied Ridejoy user, Marcia W:

“I tried Ridejoy to see if anyone would want to stop off for my boxes & fill a couple empty seats for gas $. I was so surprised that I found someone to do it the first day I posted! I got my boxes the next day, safe & sound. Everybody wins! Thanx so much for this site–what a great grassroots idea.”

Ride Management

How do I delete my ride post from the site?

You say “delete,” we say “cancel.” (tomato, tohmatoh.)

  1. Click the “Rides” link on the top of the site.
  2. Click the ride post you’d like to remove.
  3. Click the “Cancel Ride” button (last button down!) This will cancel any arrangements you have, delete your ride from search results and prevent new Ridejoy users from contacting you about this ride. NOTE: If you filled your ride, you should click “Mark ride as full” instead, which will also remove your post from the site and prevent new Ridejoy users from contacting you about this ride, but it won’t cancel any existing arrangements you have.


How do I arrange a ride?
  • Passengers: If you find someone you want to ride with, you start by messaging them with some info about yourself and any questions you have about the trip. Once you’re sure you want that ride, just hit the “Request Ride” button to start the process. You’ll be asked for the specifics your ride and agree to pay for your share of the trip costs. Once your Driver accepts the your request, the ride is on!
  • Drivers: You can message Passengers you find interesting. Once you’re sure you’d like to take them, just hit the “Offer Ride” button to star the process. You’ll be asked for the specifics your ride and how much and how the passenger should pay you. Once your Passenger accepts your offer, the ride is on!
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
I received a message from the site and can see it through my email. Can I also reply directly through email as well?

Sorry, but we haven’t built out the capability yet! If you reply through email, the message will be sent to the Ridejoybot, who will promptly eat your message and burp back an error message. So please use the site to send messages, or else your intended recipient will not get them!

I signed up for some Ride Alerts, but no longer need them. How do I turn them off?
  1. Click “Dashboard” at the top of the page.
  2. Click “Ride Alerts.”
  3. Click on the Ride Alert you wish to banish.
  4. Click the “deactivate this ride alert” option.


Other Questions

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by going to Dashboard > Profile and clicking “edit” then “Delete Account” We’re sorry to see you go!

I don’t have Facebook for reasons which may or may not be related to privacy concerns. Can I still use Ridejoy?

You can indeed! We completely understand that some people may not feel comfortable using Facebook, so we’ve created an option for new users to sign up using their emails instead. You’ll see this option on the Signup page.

If you’re curious about why we like Facebook, check out this nifty science doodle:


Additionally, having Facebook helps you vouch for the fact that you’re a real person, with real friends and such! This helps our community of fantastic ride sharers make informed decisions about whether or not they want to ride with you. Also, we will never (no, never!) spam your Facebook wall.

This is awesome! How can I thank you?

Thanks! There’s a “Like” button at the bottom of this page. Share it with your friends! If that’s not enough, we also accept positive vibrations and hugs, virtually or IRL.

Can I use Ridejoy for my commute?

At this time Ridejoy is focused on connecting people who are going on long distance trips (50+ miles) so you may have some trouble finding a commute buddy. Long term, we’re dedicated to helping Drivers and Passengers of all stripes find one another so hang in there!

Does Ridejoy operate in Tokyo/New Zealand/The Democratic Republic of Congo?

Not at the moment! We’re nailing down the West Coast (of the United States) first, but would be extremely grateful if you told all your American friends about us. And if you come visit San Francisco, we may also hug you, which we hope more than makes up for us not being international.

How do I delete my account?

Oh no! We knew there’d be casualties from our “Hug Freely and Often” campaign, but not like this. Not like this!

Anyway, if you’re sure you’d like to deactivate your account, just drop us a line at and we’ll manually delete it for you. If you’d include a reason why (overpowering deodorant, etc.), we’d be grateful. We’re sorry to see you go!

How can I reach you?

We love meeting new people! Check out our contact page.