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Types of mattress toppers in the market today

A mattress topper on your mattress serves the purpose of adding a softer layer on your mattress and offering support for your body. With the right topper you can even increase the firmness of a mattress that was otherwise flabby and old looking. There are however many types of toppers in the market today. A buyer looking for unbiased mattress topper reviews may be confused because no company will tell you which one to choose. One may therefore end up using a lot of money on a topper type that isn’t the best quality. But luckily the best reviews site for mattresses, toppers and pillows I found (by far) was Just Go Sleep will help you pick the right one.

1. Latexlatex foam tatalay

This is the most expensive latex mattress topper in the market. It is however among the very best in providing you with all the comfort and support that you need. It is usually made from the liquid in rubber trees and it is mostly natural.


– Perfect if you have back problems

– Provides firmer support

– It is antimicrobial and does not cause allergies

– It is extremely durable

– Perfect if your partner moves a lot in bed

2. Memory FoamMemory foam mattress topper

This is also another great mattress topper. It is also the most popular one. Because of how expensive a memory foam mattress is, pick a best gel memory foam mattress topper is a great replica of the great functions memory foam has.


– Conforms to the body and therefore provides better support

– Great if you have back or joint pains

– Reduces motion form a moving partner

– It is highly durable

– You get a variety of densities to choose from

3. WoolHappy Lamb Fleece Wool Topper

This is a great mattress topper if you are looking for something natural. It may be fairly expensive but it is worth it. It will not offer you the same amount of cushioning as the memory foam option though.


– It is the perfect topper to keep you cool during the summer and warm during winter

– One may say it is a bed bug and mite repellant because these insects prefer to stay away from wool

– It is perfect for people who are allergic to synthetic materials

– It is comfortable and soft

4. Featherduck feather down mattress topper

Feather bed topper from geese and duck offer a luxurious and very comfortable option of bedding. They are loved because they are very soft and comfortable. Feathers are perfect for people who suffer from allergies and who need a firmer topper option. It is however not firm enough for people who need help with back and joint pains. It is also not the right option if you are looking for a disguise for a flabby mattress. Many may not prefer it for fear that feathers could actually poke through.


– it feels soft and luxurious just like the feather filled duvets and pillows tat people love

– They are very durable and could last several years if taken good care of.

– Does not allow movement from a partner to disturb you

– It will keep you cool during the summer and warm during winter

5. FiberbedLuxury Fiberbed Mattress Topper

Fiberbed or down mattress topper is a great option for a topper too although it may not be as durable as other materials on this list. High quality Fiber is also quite costly.

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